About Lifeskills Plus

With respect, equality and freedom of choice as core values, Lifeskills Plus provides opportunities for individuals to achieve their goals

Since 1990 Lifeskills Plus has been providing first class services to people with disabilities in Mudgee, Gulgong, Rylstone, Kandos and surrounding villages.

We are a charitable not-for-profit organisation overseen by a Board of Directors who are experienced and skilled volunteers. We also have other volunteers who provide support in programs such as sewing, swimming, art, community participation and transport

For the last fifteen years we were operating from a heritage listed house in Perry Street. Due to a growing number of new services and clients, the building was stretched to beyond its capacity. In 2012 we moved some of our services to Southside Skills Centre in 13 Oporto Road, Mudgee.

In 2013, after massive lobbying to government, we were fortunate to secure one-off funding to purchase 10/13 Oporto Road. This building adjoins the Southside Skills Centre and now harbours the services for our clients with higher support requirements, our respite centre and administrative nerve centre.


Throughout Lifeskills Plus’ history, transparency in management has been a high priority.

We are privileged to deliver our services to one of the most vulnerable groups in our society. The money that is paid to us for that service is money from ALL of us. We believe that we have to be 110% accountable for that community investment and that we have to uphold the highest ethical standards in our work with people with disabilities.

To achieve and maintain these principles, Lifeskills Plus invests in the training and support of our Support Workers who provide the direct care to our clients, every day of the week. They are the guardians of the quality of our service. This quality is measured and scrutenised by 3rd party audits to ensure impartial outcomes and guarantee continuous quality improvement. Lifeskills Plus has HDAA accreditation.

At Lifeskills Plus we pride ourselves on having a huge amount of support both from local community members and local businesses. We also have a strong cooperation with other community organisations. This allows us to maximise the integration of all our clients in the communities of this beautiful part of New South Wales. Many are the businesses who help us with funding and many are the ones that open their doors to our clients for work experiences and employment.

We are celebrating our 25th anniversary. We will use this milestone to carefully give direction towards the next 25 years of service to our people with disabilities in the Mid-West. The training, experience and commitment that are present in our organisation will assure that Mudgee, Gulgong, Ilford, Rylstone, Kandos and other surrounding townships will be able to access the best services for people with disabilities.