"LIFE ABOUT US" -Stories & News from Clients-

On Saturday 5th March, Xantha and Catherine took a trip to Dubbo to spend the day at the zoo.


We were lucky enough to get to almost all the animals during their feed time, allowing us to get quite close and get some really good pictures in the process.

Both Xantha and I were extremely excited to see the elephants. Dubbo is home to the oldest elephant in Australia! While we were at the elephants the zoo keeper got the elephant to say ‘hi’ to us; when she was instructed, the elephant raised her trunk and made a sound, Xantha and I thought she was very clever.

We watched a tiger climb up a very tall pole to get her lunch. The zoo keeper puts meat into a hessian bag and ties it to the top of the pole to give the tiger some exercise for the day.  We were told it’s very difficult to get a photo of the tiger because once she’s finished eating she hides behind trees and can’t be seen anymore because her stripes make her blend in, we think shemust be camera shy.

After lunch, Xantha was very disappointed to discover that the lion exhibition was closed that day; Xantha said they must’ve gone on a holiday, it must get very tiring being a lion at a zoo, just sitting around all day looking pretty and getting your photo taken by lots of strangers. They probably need a holiday every now and then.

Xantha and I had a great time watching the Siamang Apes. While we were there they decided to show off a bit ; they were running around with their chests out and swinging from rope-to-rope, the little one copying every move that the older one did, and being very loud (from the other side of the zoo they sound like sirens on an emergency vehicle) Xantha and I sat watching them for quite some time, they were very entertaining (and funny!)

At the Australian animal exhibition the animals are walking around free and we could walk amongst them, Xantha got very close to a friendly Emu, almost close enough to touch!

At the end of the day we were both very hot and tired, but didn’t want the day to end, we sat down for a bit watching the Lemurs walk around their island and had a play on the African Safari inspired equipment before calling it a day.

Xantha had such a great time she told me she wanted to go back the next day!