"LIFE ABOUT US" -Stories & News from Clients-

Trisha picked me up at 9.30 & we went for a long drive to Lithgow. I haven't been out on Sydney
Road for a very long time. We saw lots of goats & lots of trucks coming back to Mudgee. We got to
Lithgow railway station, I waited in the sun while Trisha parked the car, it was cold. We bought our
tickets for $2.50 return & that was a good price, then we went down the lift to get on the train. The
station man put the ramp down, it made it real easy for me to get on the train. The train left at
11.25am. We sat in the sun on the left side of the carriage, when the train was going I could see
the engine when it went around the bend, it was going steady. We counted the tunnels leaving
Lithgow to Mt Victoria, there were 11 tunnels. There were lots of workman working on the tracks
when we left Lithgow.
We arrived at Blackheath at 12.03pm, the man from the station put the ramp down so I could get off. We walked down the ramp across the road at the lights & walked up to the fish & chips shop for
lunch. We took our lunch to the park near the railway tracks, the bird sat on the seat next to me, he
must have been hungry trying to get our food.
After lunch we went shopping, it was a tight squeeze in the little grocery shop not like Mudgee
shops. Cost a lot more than at Mudgee shops. We went to Gatsbys cafe & had a hot chocolate
because it was very cold. We walked to the station & sat in the sun to keep warm while we waited
for the train. I had a photo taken under the Blackheath sign at the railway station, I was waving to
A big goods train came through we thought it was going to come up on the station because it came
around the bend very fast & blew his whistle.
When our train came it had big light on the front of the engine, it looked like a big eye. We got inthe last carriage, the lady at the station put the ramp down for me. We sat on the left side again so we could see the mountains. We took some photos of the mountains.
We got off the train at Lithgow, I had my photo taken with the train, we went up the lift, there was a
lot of people waiting for the lift.
We drove back home to Mudgee, I didn't get home until 5pm, just in time for dinner. We had a good
day & a nice, sunny trip on the train
Thank you for taking me & we had nice weather.