"LIFE ABOUT US" -Stories & News from Clients-

This year we made our very own cook book at Southside and we had alot of fun doing it...

At The start of our cooking program we made a list of all the things we all wanted to make. Each week we would vote on the recipes we wanted to make in the cooking program for the next week. Our support worker Katie took photos of us cooking the dishes each week so as a group we decided to make a cook book! We came up with the name “Thunder Chefs”.

We all filled out a survey answering questions about what our favourite food was. Our favourite chef, drinks desserts and our favourite bakery! Katie then took all of our information and photos and put together our cookbook. During our programs, Katie, Sonya and Carolyn presented us all with a copy of the cook book! We all had a lot of fun cooking our dishes and dressing up in chef gear to make the book.