Life Choices

The Life Choices Program is designed for adults with a disability and will help you to;

  • take part in activities you enjoy doing
  • learn to do new things and increase your independence
  • create opportunities and pathways which can help you achieve your short and long term goals. This may include participating in paid or voluntary work
  • meet and mix with people who share your interests.

The program offers a range of service model options that lets you choose how services are delivered to you.

Click here to download our “Life Choices” information leaflet

Each person in LIFESKILLS’ Life Choices Program has a Person Centred Plan (PCP). Your pcp will be developed in partnership with yourself, your family and / or important person(s) in your life. Your pcp outlines your goals and the type of support and activities you choose.

Hours of service

Your program hours are linked to your Person Centred Plan. The actual number and mix of hours will depend on the level of support you need and the type of activities you choose to do as part of your program.

Different Life Choices models

There are three choices of service models for the Life Choices Program. LifeskillsPlus offers two of them. Whichever model you pick for your program, you will be able to choose what activities you want to do and when you want to do them. Lifeskills Plus will support you to decide what you would like to do and help you to work towards your goals.

1. Centre Based with Community Access

In this model you come to our centre where you can catch up with others who share similar goals and interests and take part in activities that you have chosen in your PCP. This could include learning life skills such as cooking, doing physical activity like sports and being creative through art and craft and music. Your group can also get together and go and do things in the community.

You will have the opportunity to make friends with other people in your community. Lifeskills Plus will work with you and encourage and support you to do things you want to do to achieve your goals.

2. Self Managed Model

In the Self -Managed Model you use your Life Choices funding package to purchase those services /activities that you want with the support /assistance that you want or need.

You will have the support and assistance of Lifeskills Plus to prepare your plans and arrange your activities. We will also manage the financial, legal and administrative requirements of the program for you.


To Access “Life Choices” services you have to be

  1. An adult with an intellectual, psychiatric, physical, sensory disability or like impairment
  2. A resident of "Mid-West LGA"
  3. Eligible for a service under the NSW Disability Services Act 1993 and are assessed as eligible by ADHC.