What is Respite?

Respite care is provided to families of people with disabilities to give them ‘time out’ from their regular caring role.

Respite is flexible and can be delivered in ways that best suit the needs of the person and their family. Respite can be provided from regular planned respite like 2 hours per week to bulk respite where you take your whole package together for a longer break. Respite can also be provided for group activities on weekends.

Click here to download our “Respite” information leaflet

Respite Packages

Lifeskills Plus Inc. is currently funded by ADHC to provide a set number of families with a respite funding package for their respite per calendar year. (July to June).

These families are chosen by Lifeskills Plus Inc. with priority being given to those people eligible for service who:

  • Are between the ages of 10 & 64 years of age
  • Have the highest support needs
  • Have aged or single carers
  • People who have no access or limited access to other services.

The amount of hours you are able to access with your package will vary with the times and types of respite you choose for example weekends / days / nights etc. You can discuss this with our direct service manager.

When can I have respite?

Staff will endeavor to provide respite in a flexible manner that is tailored to suit your son / daughter and your family’s needs.

We can provide respite in your own home. Until our new Community Centre is fully operational, we have limited facilities for out-of-home respite at our Lifeskills Centre. Therefore we advise you to contact us for out-of-home respite as far in advance as possible. We will do our best to support your needs where and when possible.

Please ring the coordinator to discuss times and dates for respite and to make bookings.

What should you bring along for respite?

  • Sufficient clothes, hat, underclothes, pyjamas,
  • Toiletries including toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo.
  • Any special items that will make your son/daughter feel more at home for example comfort items(s) to take to bed like a special quilt/blanket etc…
  • Food for the period or money for staff to purchase food for your son or daughter’s stay in accordance with their likes and dislikes.
  • Your prescription medication needs to be :
  1. in a blister pack which has been dispensed by chemist, (preferred option) or
  2. in the original containers with the pharmacy label indicating the name of your son/daughter, drug, prescribed dosage.


If staying more than 24 hours clothes will be washed on site on a daily basis.

Feedback and Complaints

We believe in continuous quality improvement in our organization and we would appreciate your honest feedback in the survey forms provided to you. Feedback form(s) can also we submitted via the parent/client portal.

In the event that you have a concern we will look at it as an opportunity to improve our service. We encourage you to submit any issues you may have.

What if I need respite but I don’t have a Lifeskills Plus package?

  • Come and talk to our staff to see if we are able to access funding through an alternative source which could allow us to provide respite for you.
  • If we are unable to assist you, with your permission, we can refer you on to another service that may be able to help you.


You are welcome to come and inspect the facilities prior to respite. Please contact the DSM (Direct Service Manager) to make an appointment should you wish to do this.

Contact with family

Parents, family and advocates are more than welcome to call while your son / daughter is using our respite service. Our professional staff will give updates and feedback at your request.

What needs to be done by families and Lifeskills staff prior to respite

When using respite, Lifeskills staff will work together with parents/carers to develop and regularly update:

  • Respite and Best Practice plans which contains all the information needed to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable respite time. These plans includes daily routines, personal care requirements, likes and dislikes, activities that your son/daughter would like to engage in during respite, level of participation in domestic activities such as preparing meals, cooking.... These plans also provide information on emergency contacts, transport etc.
  • For respite users with a history of seizures, an individual Epilepsy Plan will be developed and signed off by a medical practitioner.
  • Medical Information form needs to be up to date and signed by parent/person responsible & pharmacist or medical practitioner.
  • If possible / practical, Medication should be delivered 24 hours prior to respite. This allows our staff to check off medication provided against the medical form and this also allows for sufficient time to have any amendments made prior to respite.

If medication and medical form
do not correspond then respite cannot
commence until this is fixed