Supported Living

What is Supported Living?

Supported Living is a type of accommodation support for people with a disability aged 18 to 64 years. It enables people with a disability, along with their family and carers to create living arrangements that suits their life and preferences.

LIFESKILLS PLUS provides this flexible service in our Mid-West region according to the specific needs of every individual and their family. Flexible means frequency and duration of service can be negotiated within each individual’s package. Support can be tailored to an almost endless list of needs like domestic skills development, in-house living support, shopping assistance, assistance to access services, community or leisure activities ….

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What is the objective of the Supported Living?

The objective of the Supported Living Service is to give people with a disability and their families and carers a truly flexible and person-centered option in the planning of ongoing living supports. What this looks like and how it is achieved will depend on your choices, needs and your level of funding.

Supported living service can enable you to live independently in your own house/flat without having to consider moving into a residential group home. It could also allow you to consider living with your brother or sister, uncle or aunt or even a best friend with the security of professional assistance of LIFESKILLS PLUS staff.

There is a good, plain English link that tells you more about what Supported Living can be for you:

Who is eligible for the Supported Living Fund?

Access to LIFESKILLS PLUS “Supported Living Service” at the moment is only available after approval of an application for Supported Living Funds (SLF) at ADHC. Once the NDIS is rolled out everywhere, people with disabilities can apply for an individual package and use this, or a part of it, to purchase Supported Living Services themselves.

If you click on the link below, you will be able to access a fact sheet from ADHC which tells you how you can apply for a SLF –Supported Living Fund-

Call LIFESKILLS PLUS if you want more information or assistance with the application

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