Lifeskills Plus Inc. is an incorporated association and operates under Lifeskills Plus Inc. Constitution

Vision Statement

To empower individuals to achieve

Mission Statement

With respect and equality, Lifeskills Plus empowers individuals to have choice and take control, to achieve their goals.

Objects of the Association

  • Provide support to people with disabilities to exercise choice and control over the design and delivery of their services.
  • Provide opportunities for people with disabilities to interact in their community as valued members;
  • Assist families and carers of people with disabilities with support and information.
  • Deliver our services in accordance with the National Disability Standards and the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission guidelines.
  • Promote our services in the community and to receive and/or raise funds for the benefit of our clients.
  • Do all such other acts or things as may contribute to the attainment of the above
  • Our Board is responsible for the direction and governance of the organisation. Board members meet monthly.

Members of Association

Clients, their families and people from the community are welcome to apply to become Members of the Association.

Apply to become a member of Lifeskills Plus Inc.’s association by downloading the PDF below:

Members of the Board are elected at the AGM by and from Association Members and have a variety of skills and experience including legal, financial, business, HR, WHS and lived experience of disability which they all freely contribute to Lifeskills Plus Inc.

Board of Directors

The Board’s primary task is to act on behalf of the Lifeskills Plus Inc. Association members, in accordance with the objects of association and vision, core values and mission of the Organisation and relevant legislation, and to achieve the following:

  • Monitor the organisations culture to ensure consistency with stated organisational
    objects and core values.
  • Clearly articulate the vision and mission of the organisation in collaboration with management.
  • Establish policies aimed at achieving the vision and mission.
  • Appoint a CEO who is equipped to provide leadership in achieving the Organisation’s objects.
  • Govern by policy determination, establishing executive policies and boundaries for execution by the CEO.
  • Ensure that to achieve the vision and mission, the CEO is provided with resources which are adequate and appropriate.
  • Ensure the accountability of the CEO, and itself (the Board).
  • Ensure the support of the beneficiaries of the organisations services (the clients).

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning with Board members, staff, clients, their families and stakeholders in the community establishes direction and results to be achieved by Lifeskills Plus.