NDIS and what Lifeskills Plus can do for you …

NDIS transitions completed 30 June 2018 so all clients will have their packages. If you don’t please contact us and we may be able to assist.

You and your NDIS Package

Those people who have had their NDIS packages signed off are now being provided services according their approved goals within their NDIS packages.

NDIS and how we can help….

The NDIS has completed its roll out to Mid-West Region on 30/6/2018.   We are pleased to be able to offer services to you according to your wishes and needs.

We can support to help you increase your skills – learn to do things yourself, new activities, be more independent, make new friends, be included in your community or get a job – all while you are having fun,  .

If you would like some or all of your package to be provided in groups we have a program of activities from Monday to Friday for you to choose from.   These range from things such as computer skills, work experience …….. to cooking, photography and dance (and a lot lot more).

If you would like to learn to do things in your own home we can provide drop in support to help you live independently, as well as providing the support you wish in your family home to help you learn your skills there.

If you prefer to be out and about in your community using the resources there, we will assist you access your community to achieve your goals.    We can do this with you individually or you can join the fun in one of our existing groups.

Out of School Hours – You can join us after school or on weekends to come and do some great group activities with your friends (you all get to have input into what activities you do) at our centre or in your community.    Some of the things we have done in the past has included everything from window shopping up the street, learning to cook, dance, to hiking out bush, canoeing and to going on excursions to Sydney and Canberra…. and everything in between.       Amazing outcomes for incredible young people and we look forward to seeing what the people in the groups plan

We can also assist you individually to learn your chosen skills, join community sporting or other groups or go out to do activities that you enjoy.

Employment as a Goal?  Everyone is different with difference needs and goals however we support you with learning and activities to help you gain and keep a job in an enjoyable way for you to get the best outcome.

We include helping you research and understand different types of work,  to gain basic employment skills and then work with you to see what specific training you may need, writing your resume, practice interviews.  We also help you find work experience at different places, learn teamwork skills and the things you need to do to keep a job and stay safe.

We have had many clients with wonderful employment outcomes in retail, hospitality and mining as a result of their time with us and the skills they have learned.

Respite (now called Short Term Accommodation by NDIS) is also available at our beautiful respite centre, in your family home, with a host family or in the community.

Our centre has wonderful resources that include art room, sewing room, woodwork shed, sensory room, computer and IT room, training kitchen, multi-purpose room used for dance and indoor activities, garden as well as a separate 5 bedroom respite facility.


Need Assistance or information on activities that you may wish to undertake with Lifeskills Plus?

CONTACT JANET ON 02 6372 6440

 Please remember whatever the source of your funding, all Lifeskills Plus services are focused on person centred planning and

take into account your individuals goals and needs within the context of the funding provided.